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Maps of Eichler homes/neighborhoods in Palo Alto?

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I would like to walk through the different Eichler neighborhoods in Palo Alto. Does anyone know of maps that point out the areas where most of the Eichler homes are? I have been through Green Meadow and Desoto Circle, but I know that there are others.


Jan Miller

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I don't think you will find the map you describe. There are many pockets of Eichlers in Palo Alto. Some of the nicest are small or easy to overlook, like near Louisa, Harker, Elsinore, Blair, Torreya, Toyon, Ames, Gailen, Mumford. and Grove (to name a few). Go to the map on our website, click on projects, click on Palo Alto, then click on the concentrations of red dots. This will enlarge the segment and show the individual streets. Many of the high concentrations are Eichler neighborhoods. The maps are a work in progress, but they are fairly complete for Palo Alto, San Mateo, Sunnyvale, San Jose and Castro Valley.

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Jan, welcome to the area! I have to recommend walking around our 'new' neighborhood -we've been here about 1/2 a year. it's called Los Arboles and it's at Ames & Middlefield. a couple blocks of eichlers on Holly Oak and Cork Oak and Ames. It's mid-50's. Down the block is Torreya court, which is I think '70s, so between the two you can get a good look at the differences over the decades.

I also like the homes around Elsinore, some around Wildwood/Edgewood, and Thomas / Kenneth, and you found the Circles it seems.

Also, in addition to Randy's map, look up the Palo Alto Weekly's 'neighborhoods' section on their website, you have to dig, but theres info on which neighborhoods are more known for their eichlers.

just found it:

Happy Hunting!

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