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metal cap beams for backwards L shaped beams - 2 pieces or 1?

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Joined: May 8 2013

I had some open beams over my front porch replaced due to extensive dry rot and want to protect them . The beams are in the shape of a backwards "L".  One contractor recommended doing it on in one piece of metal that would cap over the top of the L and go cap over the bottom of the L.  Another contractor told me he couldn't get his machinery to do one piece, but was recommending 2 pieces: one would be a upside down U on the top part of the L and the other piece would a sideways L to cover the bottom ledge of the backwards L.  The bottom sideways L cap metal piece would be under the U shaped top metal cap. He said he would seal it with some sort of epoxy.  

1.  If I used the 2 metal piece solution, would there be a chance water could get in with the epoxy? Or is it safe from water seeping in from the bottom ledge from wicking?

2. Or should I pay the extra amount to get 1 fitted piece for this backwards L shaped beam?


Joined: May 8 2013

I was able to get my question answered. I decided to go with one piece. Thanks.

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