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Modern Design in New England

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Joined: Jun 22 2003

Unfortunately I have been notified that I will soon be relocated to the New England region in the next two months. As a result, I will have to give up my beloved Streng Bros Home.

Does anyone have advice for finding "Eichler-Esqe" real estate in the Boston / New Hampshire / Easter Connecticut regions?


Joined: Mar 20 2003

consider asking this question on one of the boards at You'll find more east coast posters there. Stay away from using the term "eichler-esqe," as most folks outside of California don't know of Eichler.

From Cal to Boston, what a culture (and weather) shock!

Joined: Jun 22 2003


Thanks for your response. I will definitely check out the Dwell board.

Culture shock, definitely, but my wife is a New Englander so I'll make her shovel the snow!


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