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Joined: Jun 16 2003

I own a small, late-fifties-era "modern" home in north
Alabama (of all places).

It was built by Alabama author, William Bradford Huie,
in 1958. Huie was quite the cosmopolite and would be most familiar with Eichler and his work.

I'd like to find out something about its designer.

It may be of architectural interest or it may be cookie cutter from that era.

I have some pictures on-line.

Could you have a look? Any conjecture about its designer would be much

thank you.

-- R Sparkman

Hartselle, Alabama

Joined: Mar 20 2003

that's a fine looking home, very typical of modern tract homes of that era. I love the bathrooms, very original! Look like Briggs tub, shower, and toilet. The pink-blue combo was typical in Cliff May homes of similar design (in the western states). Nice size lot, in need of some landscaping, though.

Check with the city/county for documents regarding construction. They might reveal who built or designed the home.

If it were mine...
The outside looks great. Inside, though, I would restore and "de-80ize" floors, walls, and doors for something a little more modern and specific to the period. Replace the front door too! Unfortunately the knotty pine paneling was whitewashed. I would consider a combination of crisp-white painted sheetrock on one wall and maybe a lite stained luan mohogany on a couple of the walls. Cork for the floors. Maybe paint the beams, inside and out, black or dark brown. Stay away from glossy paints or wallpaper. Haywood-Wakefield and Herman Miller-George Nelson classics for furniture.

...just my thoughts

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