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Need a Thermador wall oven, WO 16A

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Four years ago, I posted a problem re: the baking element of my Thermador wall oven. A repairman jiggled the element and got it working--temporarily. That ushered in years of jiggling on the part of our family as a means of keeping an ancient and difficult to replace oven functional. Eventually, the oven started cutting off during bake time, ruining more than one anxiously awaited meal or treat. Furthermore, the most recent repairman told us it was dangerous to keep jiggling, and that the real problem is that the element receptacle is starting to wear away. We stopped using the oven altogether, and are presently limited to a countertop oven, which is not practical for us. Two questions: 1.) Has anyone been able to find a new wall oven that fits in the Thermador cut-out space? and 2.) Does anyone have a working Thermador WO 16A or a working baking element receptacle of the same that they are willing to sell?

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I remembered answering something similar sometime ago so did a search (top of the page, beside Chatterbox Lounge title) for wall oven and found my post. I've cut and pasted it here:

"Replacement ovens (Re: thermador wo-16)

Postby Jake » Sat Mar 13, 2010 6:32 pm
You don't say if the oven you're replacing is in an island or on a wall. Options are better for one on the wall. For instance, it's easier to switch to gas if wall mounted, also easier to put in a self-cleaning model as they typically need to be vented.

Past whether it's in an island or on a wall, the next consideration is color. When I looked a few years back, you could get black or white 24" ovens from domestic manufacturers but not stainless. That might have changed now.

- If you're interested in a white or black oven, I'd start by simply searching the web for "oven, 24". You should find single- as well as double-oven models.

For example, Maytag Model CWE5800ACS is a 24" double oven electric

(Tip: by removing the drawers below my vintage single-oven Thermador, I was able to install a vintage double-oven Thermador. You might find the same with modern models.)

- If it's stainless steel you need, or if you want a potentially higher grade/higher cost oven, then Miele makes a 24" oven that I've seen in neighbors' original cabinetry.

Good luck.

eichfan at rawbw dot com

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Thank you, Jake, but the oven cut-out space is only about 19 1/2 inches which is why I'm specifically looking for the same model Thermador. The front of the oven is a little less than 23 inches wide. In my research, I've found no new models that can fit in a 19 1/2 inch cut-out space. The oven is in a cabinet space, and there's not much room to expand the cut-out. If you know of any newer models of that size, please let me know. Thanks again.

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I had a similar problem a number of years ago on my WO-18A. The broiler element coil broke when I was much younger and a friend of ours who could fix the unfixable just connected the broken ends and it lasted I guess about 30 years then it quit. He had passed on by then and I found a company in Massachusetts that sold me a replacement element but not a coil type (they may not have it now & I would have to hunt for the name). If you have a really good and resourseful repair/handy person he might be able to fix your problem and if not you should be able to purchase a properly sized bake element and replace the entire element. It may just be that the contacts are worn from removing the element for oven cleaning and perhaps the part that is worn are the pins in the receptacle which I learned from reading in chatterbox can be turned upside down and good contact restored. Try to find an older repair person that is familiar with these old Thermadors or perhaps the child of one that took over the business.

I need a thermostat for a Thermador oven WO 16 or WO 16A


I disassembled the receptacle on my Mom's WO-16 and was able to swap the worst damaged contact with the undamaged center grounding contact and then remove enough corrosion from the other less damaged contacts. That was three years ago and it has lasted so far. At the time I located a source for replacement receptacles, but can't find it. Tonight I looked online and found what looks correct. See below:

Marcone Catalog page 141 (electronic page 142/253)

The Receptacle is: "ROR" P/N #400565
Or "OPC" (Contacts Only with terminal screws) P/N 400573
The catalog page note,
"Receptacle fits 1" x 3" opening and mates with all Universal Plug-in elements and many 3-prong plug-in elements"

There are two other steps to making it reliable:
1) File all corrosion and burn damage off the blades of the heating element where it slides into the contacts
2) Apply a contact lubricant (must NOT contain silicone) rated for hi-temps. A friend of my sells this one below. It's what the military uses, but is normally not available in such small amounts. It is useful on all electrical contacts and seals the surface against oxygen.

If all else fails it is possible to replace the receptacle and heating element with one that uses screw connections instead. That's a bit more involved though. Good luck.

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I have available a very, very good condition WO-16A oven and cooktop w/griddle. These were taken from a school lounge where it appears that they were rarely used. Dave - San Diego - 858 337 7977 -

Joined: Apr 28 2012

I have available a very, very good condition WO-16A oven and cooktop w/griddle. These were taken from a school lounge where it appears that they were rarely used. Dave - San Diego - 858 337 7977 -

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