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Need washer/dryer to fit in that tight laundry space- help!

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Hi All-

I'm looking at buying a washer/dryer combo (front load please) that will fit in the small laundry "nook" across from the hall bathroom. The dryer vents to the roof as most of these spaces have. What solutions and brands have you come up with that fit well?

Here are my dimensions:

63" wide
28" deep
Dryer duct 30" from left and 24" off the floor. I'd like the dryer duct to fit nicely with the dryer if possible so I don't have that odd snaky hose that builds up lint. Any solutions?

Thanks for any help here!

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we opted to move ours for this very reason, but you might look to the euro/apartment models: bosch-axxis, miele and asko. many "US" manufacturers also have smaller models, but none over 4cft... we had a GE one in our old place that we loved.

careful, though... although you might measure 28in of depth, the machines need a few inches behind them for hoses and such (plus a bit of free space in front to prevent that "jutted out" look). i'd guess you were in the market for a 24in deep ("under counter") model...

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we bought the bosch axxis models that are the smaller size. I am fairly happy with them, they have had two problems. One is avoidable - the dryer developed a squeak after a couple of months. Turns out the gasket they use in the dryer does not do well with dryer sheets. Seems to collect the waxy stuff on them and develops this kind of problem. The tech suggested using liquid fabric softner in the washer instead. The noise has not returned. And the washer pump went out, I replaced that myself since the warranty was gone.

We ended up building a platform for them to sit on as they are quite low if left on the ground. Underneath the platform makes a nice place to store the laundry baskets. One thing to note about the dryer is that it is a codensating model. It does not need a dryer vent but must have a small hose that is left to drain into the same place where the washer drains. The other thing to note is that it is a 240v dryer plug with a ground (this is a 4 prong plug). The dryer plug that was in mine was the three prong type, I had to put in the 4 prong. If you do buy these, have it done before they are delivered as the appliance store will not know how to do that.

Also, you will need to get used to the noise from the spin cycle on the washer (think jet airplane).

hope this helps.


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