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New Floor

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Joined: Feb 1 2012

I need to replace the floor in my Eichler.  I still have radiant heat.  Suggestions?


Sara Hart

Joined: Jan 28 2012

we updated our floors in our eichler right before we moved into the house.  we chose to demo the old floor and just grind down and polish the existing slab.  We have a working radian heat system in our house so it works great.  The  polished concrete has a bit of a terrazo look to it when it is finished.  Other people i know have done tile, slate, or other solid surface flooring that transfers the heat well from the slab. 


Joined: Sep 16 2005

We had our floors removed last spring. We did have a company come out and do the job for us.  The orignal tile was still in most of the house with various layers on top. We chose to replace with porcelain tile throughout. Our radiant heat transfers very well through the tiles and is nice under foot.  I think the hardest issue we had to tackel was finding a product that we liked and in our budget.

Good luck

Joined: Mar 5 2012

Hi We are looking to update our floors too we want to basically do what you did-grind down the existing slab and polish the existing slab. Our radiant heat is working and we want it to work more efficiently. Sadly at the moment we have carpet covering some of the floor- I can't stand it. Our house needs a facelift (to say the least) the floors would give us the clean modern look we want. We live in Marin not sure where you live but would love some info like who did you use to do your floor? Where did you find them ? and have you had any problems with the floor? Any information would be greatly appreciated:)


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