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New Globe Pendants - suggestions, where to buy...

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Hi All. We are looking for 3 globe pendants for our kitchen. Any suggestions on a brand, specific globe, or where to buy?

  • Looking for about a 12" white globe
  • For a sloped ceiling
  • Rod or cord so they can hang down about 30 inches or so
  • Not looking for orginal fixtures / prefer new

Please PM directly with product recommendations, or post in the Rec Room section of this forum.

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I'm in the SF Bay Area and Michaan's annex auction offerings are a good option for all sorts of odds and ends (especially now that they put the annex listings online).  Plus LiveAuctioneers has tons of interesting stuff.  If you're really stumped, setup an account with them and a couple of saved searches to notify you if something that might work shows up.  You'd be surprised at the cool bits you can pick up relatively cheap -- even with shipping!  I've snagged lots of art, a few lights and some lovely bits of furniture for the MCM ranch house here at Purgatory all via auctions.  

If that fails, consider getting someone handy with a 3D printer to assist:  when we couldn't get replacement glass shades for a floor lamp in the guest room, we instead printed some:

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New Rod Mounted Pendant Globe Lights
We bought new rod-mounted pendant globe lights for our Eicher from Love It Lighting.  There are options for different globe sizes, finishes, and materials.  There are a lot of options for rod colors and lengths, and the standard connection to the base that mounts to the ceiling will accomodate a 10 degree sloping roof.  All the available options allowed us to buy silver-nickel plated bases and rods with a flat opaque white finish that I prefer over the original gloss finished globes.  (We did not inherit any originals when we bought the house.)  The options for stem length allowed us to install 10 inch globes that all hang at the same height above the floor despite the different ceiling heights in our low-gable and flat roof areas.  It's been a while, but each light cost about $140.

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