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Original Kitchen Drawer Repair or Replacement

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Joined: Jan 22 2014

I am looking to refurbish some original kitchen drawers in an unremodeled Eichler which was built in 1963. The width on the drawers I'm looking at are 13 3/8" width at the face and there are three of them on the sink side of the kitchen. The problem is that one of the drawers has a crack in the bucket part which cannot be repaired which effects the drawer handle. I would like to either replace or the bucket by means getting another good bucket from anyone who might have one they want to get rid of, or have one fabricated by a plastics place. I'm open to other suggestions or ideas others might have to correct this issue. Perhaps someone has had experience in repairing or replacing this type of drawer? They are the the original simple slot and mating metal glide design from back in the day.

Joined: Jan 9 2014

I will check the measurements on the 2 drawers we have floating in our garage.

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