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Hi all,
In an effort to cut down noise in the BRs we are sheet rocking the bedrooms. we now have several outlets in those rooms that do not work. Has this happened to anyone? Also we now have 3 rooms of unstained mahogany siding in very good condition. I have seen this advertised before somewhere. what is the best way to connect with someone who would be interested in buying this paneling?



Joined: Apr 2 2003

Not sure about the outlets not working.
- One possibility might be wires loosened from being pulled out and back through drywall trimouts.
- I don't think it likely that a screw or nail would have been put through a cable though I suppose it might be possible.
- Have you been able to ascertain that it is only some outlets on a given circuit and not the entire circuit?
- If you have a GFI in the bathroom, it might be protecting more than just that outlet. In my 1960 atrium model, the bedroom between the master and the hall bathroom is split between two circuits.The outlets on the bedroom wall adjoinng the hall bath are protected by the bathroom GFI and if it gets triggered, it can shut down those bedroom outlets. If you have GFIs, try resetting them.

Regarding the panelling, I'm assuming you mean "original stain" versus "unstained"? This forum is probably the best way to let people know you have some panelling available. I suspect, though, that others might be like myself who are interested but in a rush to put their homes in order for company and the holidays. If so, you might not be able to hook up with anyone to take the panels until after the holidays. On the other hand, there might be some who have spare garage space.

Also, you might want to save yourself and others time by posting the number of sheets you have, their height, how many are full width and how many are partial width, also which of those have cutouts and which don't. You're going to need the information anyway for anyone who emails/calls you.


eichfan at rawbw dot com

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Is the mahogany paneling still available? We would love to find some to replace some in our bathroom. Please send a reply to


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