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Will Wood or Bamboo Flooring Work atop Radiant Heat System?

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Joined: Mar 17 2004

Does anyone know whether wood or bamboo floors can be placed atop an Eichler's radiant heat system?

Just wondering,


Joined: Jan 4 2004

Yes, wood and bamboo work fine on top of radiant flooring. The most important detail is that the installer cover the slab with a moisture barrier.
Some poeple prefer "floating" hardwood floors over slab- that is a floor that is not glued or nailed down. Floating floors feel softer underfoot. Bamboo is available in a floating product as well. I've personally installed 1820 square feet of glue down over slab flooring on a relative's Eichler, and my flooring sub has installled them ever since.
It is also important when selecting a pre-finished flooring product that the manufacturer indicates that the floor can be refinished at least once (that will give some longevity to this investment).In every Eichler home that I've remodeled, and had hardwood flooring installed, every owner has indicated overal satisfaction with wood or bamboo. If you are in the Peneisula, SF area, I can make a good flooring recommendation.
Email me directly for a product/installer referral, if you wish.


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