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Radiant Heat Manifold Tags

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Joined: Apr 9 2017

The original radiant heat manifold in our Eichler (in San Rafael) has colored metal tags on each pipe.  The tags are colored white, yellow, red, black or blue.  Each tag also has either one, two or three small holes punched into them.   So, white-1, white-2, red-1, etc...  I assume these tags represent the rooms in the house.  Does anyone have a key to the code or know what they mean?  Thanks.   

Joined: Apr 9 2017

Here are the answers to my own questions;

Red = living room
Orange = dining room
Black = kitchen
Blue = family room
White = bedroom
Yellow = bathroom
Green = general

The number of punches on the tag means the numbers of that room. So, a white tag with two holes means the second bedroom.

Two of the same tags means that that room has more than one line. So, two red tags with one hole on each means that your living room has two different lines.

I actually have an electronic copy of the original instructions that I got this information from. It's for a "Racon" radiant heat manifold from the mid 1950s. However, I can't figure out how to attach it to this forum. Contact me for a copy.

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