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Roof smell on hot day?

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First post.

We've been noticing a smell from the roof on hot days - kind of like asphalt or tar.  Has anyone else out there had a similar experience? I went up on top of the roof and couldn't smell anything - just from the inside in parts of the house, and only when it's hot outside.  My guess is maybe it's the insulation or whatnot.  Gets worse when we turn the air handlers on.

I read here (post 11) a post that makes it sound like this is common with Eichlers, but then couldn't find any similar comments/posts online.

Any help is appreciated - thanks.

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it's a problem with tar/gravel. get a foam roof and never smell it again (and enjoy cooler interior temps). the first week we moved into our house (july 2007), it was 110deg outside... 115 /in/ the house and it smelled like a tarpit. two month later, we installed a foam roof and have never smelled it again.

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We are smelling a foul/moldy smell often when we walk into our home.  We can smell a similar smell when we smell inside the outlets though we have cut holes out to see if there is mold or moisutre and it is all clean.  Have any of you experienced this or do you have an idea of where it is coming from?  Our tar/gravel roof is in good condition and we have only been smelling this for the past several months but we've lived here for a year and a half.

Help! Please.

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Hi, is there a moldy/musty smell associated with what you are referring to? This smell is driving us nuts and we have been cutting holes out in our house to see if we have mold and can't seem to find any, though the smell is in various areas throughout the house. Also, the dirt around the house was up to high, but we had this lowered months ago and we still smell the smell over and over.

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