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Joined: May 9 2005

I was curious if any other Eichler owners use the Roomba robotic vacuums? Since just about our entire house is hardwood floors I thought it might be a good solution. Wanted to get some Eichler opinions before shelling out for one.


Joined: Apr 5 2003

Now that we've gone completely to tile, I thought a Roomba (or the soon-to-appear Scooba automatic mopper) would be really practical. Then I saw one up close -- the bump sensor starts about an inch off the ground. I immediately had visions of our Roomba going straight for a living room picture window, skipping right over the 1" high framing at the bottom of the window, and crashing thru the window...

I'd love to hear I'm just worrying too much.


Joined: Mar 22 2003

I have no Eichler-specific help to offer, but there have been numerous Romba discussions over at the cleaning forum at - you can do a search and turn up a lot of experience from those who own these interesting devices.

Good luck - I have been tempted over the years, but first have to get the clutter off the floor! Dang.


Joined: Mar 24 2003

I use the Roomba on our Eichler's hardwood floors. I think it's great. Sometimes it does get into trouble however at some fringe areas. But for the most part, it's worth the $150 ... even just to scare the cat.

Joined: Sep 9 2004

I have a Roomba and use it almost every day in the kitchen and eating areas. It takes the dog hair off the tile easily - my only beef is that it can be a bit loud so I usually turn it on as we are leaving the house in the morning. As for the windows, I have a 10 foot slider, a smaller 8 foot slider and another wall to wall window in the area and have not had any problems. To enclose the Roomba, I close two luan doors (one slider, another swing) and the Roomba has not torn those up either. It's proven to be worth the investment. I don't mean to sound like a commercial....

Joined: Oct 12 2005

I use mine every day, in the den and kitchen. Got a dog, so this keeps the fur and crumbs under control.

Hit the go button, leave the house, come back and it's clean!

It's not perfect - sometimes gets stuck under a cabinet if it wedges (but most of the time it wiggles until it gets unstuck). It's important to clean the 4 ledge detectors so it doesn't think it's about to go off a cliff.

But, generally, it's really handy. I've tiled the whole house and it cruises from room to room without complaining.

Joined: Jan 18 2005

This whole thead sounds like a commercial!

Joined: Oct 12 2005


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