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sliding door & screen repair

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Joined: Aug 9 2014

Just FYI, I'm in process of renewing all the rollers and fittings on the sliding glass doors and their screens, on a standard 1962 Lucas Valley Eichler house.  And I'm finding all the parts I need at www - wgsonline - com, at fairly reasonable prices.  Another company, www - doorandwindowparts - com, has all the same bits with higher prices but cheaper shipping.  The source company for all those bits, www prime-line-products com, is good for research and particularly helpful "how-to" advice.

As an experiment, I refurbished one screen door with nylon rollers and another with steel rollers.  The nylon ones are MUCH quieter, though probably wouldn't last as long.

Finally, I bought a roll of JVCC polyethylene film tape, 1/2 inch wide, on Amazon.  This is "slippery" tape, sometimes used for drawers and anything else you want to make slide easily.  I put it across the top edges of the screen doors, so they'll slide in their tracks without any aluminum-aluminum scraping.

Results so far: excellent.  Price has been reasonable.  One word of caution: the tall glass doors are really heavy.  Get someone to help, or at least to spot you, when you take them out and put them back in.