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How to conceal HVAC duct work on a flat roof

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Need Help! We purchased an Eichler style house few years ago and the contractor  moved the HVAC duct work to the roof top and we have been dealing with the aftermath ever address the condensation issues we wrapped the duct work with reflective bubble. However, this has led to a cosmetic issue. Painting the ducts  is not an option as it prevents the reflective wrap from doing its job. Metal screen company is quoting me $70,000 to engineer a metal screen....the prefabricated screens need roof penetration or a post to anchor the screeen  which I am reluctant to create more roof penetrations. Any ideas? How do you camouflouge a network of ductwork on a flat roof ?

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Too bad you weren't made aware of low-profile rooftop systems when your contractor proposed the dirty deed. It's still not too late to modify things, I would imagine...

-- Marty

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