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Sliding glass roller replacement

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Joined: May 8 2004

In case there's any doubt, you CAN replace the rollers in an Eichler door. We live in a 1961 model in Terra Linda.  After getting courteous help from San Rafael Ace Hardware getting the existing roller assemblies out and measuring them, we ordered two of part # 5201132 (roller assembly) and from there it was easy. 

I'm posting this because, when I called Arcadia, they told me the parts aren't sold anymore, and that I'd have to replace the entire door.


Joined: Jul 18 2013

I was able to find these rollers, a metal version anyway, at Home Depot a few years back.  I had my old plastic one and just brought it with me.  There weren't many, I think I cleaned the place out for my 3 doors, but they did have them.

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