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Source for double-pane picture windows?

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Joined: Jul 29 2003

I'm trying to replace some of the large picture windows with double-pane glass. I have one window that's 8 feet tall and 6 feet wide. Any suggestions on where to find someone to make and install a window this large?

I called a couple of companies and they've been encouraging me to break the window space into smaller sections which I'm clearly hesitant to do...

Other ideas on insulating these large windows would be great as well (e.g,. "the Eichler window").



Joined: Mar 24 2003

Ive replaced mine. I went to a local company (e-mail me for their name) and their supplier can custom create anything you want.

Delivery in about 2 weeks. Careful though, the windows will arrive and be about 300 pounds each if they are double pane. You'll need to make sure you have the suction cup hands to manipulate it into position.


Joined: Mar 20 2003

We had one window of that size replaced a year ago. We just looked in the yellow pages. (E-mail me for the name of the company.) With some woodwork a dual-pane glass it can be retrofitted into your existing frame so it will look the same. I'd advice strongly against any use of common vinyl frames, or dividing the glass into several smaller! It will ruin the Eichler look and most likely your home's value.

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This may be too late for you, but we are having two of the large windows replaced tomorrow along with most all the other windows and doors. So I will soon be able to share our experience if you are still interested. We're in Los Altos.

Joined: Jul 29 2003

Thanks for the reply, Bernie.

We finally just got two large double panes windows installed last week after about 9 months of looking through hazy windows. I finally gave up after many incompetent bids since I was given every answer from "It's going to be $3,500 for one window" to "it can't be done unless you divide the window into two smaller windows". I found a company in San Mateo who was willing to just get two large double paned windows made and have them installed (~6ft by 8ft). We'll see how long they last but, as of today at least, they look great.

Let me know how yours work out and what type you end up going with. I'm told it's best to go with ones that have the vinyl frame on them since they hold up much better when they're that size, however there's also a limit to how big they can make them, if I recall correctly, so I'm not sure they're always an option.

Good luck...


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could you please email me with the name of the company and how much you ended up paying ? en at stahl-clan dot com


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I understand that Palo Alto Glass also does this kind of work. I have not used them, but did discuss this with them during an interview awhile back. They are an advertiser and appear to have considerable Eichler experience. Just another source, in case you need it.


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I had my large panes of glass replaced with doublepane glass in my SJ Jones&Emmons 1960 atrium model 2 years ago. I was referred to Palo Alto Glass by another Eichler owner who is quite particular about workmanship and had been happy with their work. Like that owner, I was pleased with the service and quality.

However, I have referred two neighbours to this company and they had less than ideal results. In the one case, the neighbolur had single pane tempered panels installed. They are used to having tradespeople work in their absence and so were not at home when the work was being done. They returned home to find "a really bad caulking job with excessive caulking everywhere". Now, I have not seen these windows as yet but since the neighbours had seen mine I can only assume they did not get the same results as I had. (Mine had had clear, paintable caulking which was not excessively applied.)

In the second case, the neighbour ordered low E double-panes thsi fall (mine had simply been insulated). The panes arrives with noticeable multiple lines/defects in the interior E coating. They reordered the panes twice with the same result. The neighbour has now ordered through a different manufacturer and the windows are due to arrive this week.

So, I just want to say that you should be extra sure of what you are ordering compared to the person referring you. Always check contractor license and ask for references of other Eichler homes they have done. Finally, I would always recommend that you be present when work is being done on your home. Some things are difficult, if not impossible, to redo after the fact.

Fairglen tract in Willow Glen

P.S. Call your city's building department to find out the regulation on replacing windows--and be sure to ask about both new frame and existing frame installations. In San Jose when I had mine done, you could install large double pane of the original dimensions *provided* you used the existing window openings/frames. If you move to a framed unit, you would have to split of the window area.

eichfan at rawbw dot com

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