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Swing Out Table and other kitchen questions

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I searched through some old posts but couldn't find exactly what I need to know.

We moved into our deteriorated 1957 Eichler several months ago. I don't yet have the model # but the orignal owner's children are sending me the sales materials and information for my records. On the good side, we have tons of original detail intact. On the bad side, much of our original detail had not been well cared for in recent years. We are in process of refurbishing our kitchen and wanted some detail about the swing out table. As far as I can tell, ours had been removed and reinstalled at one point in its history. When we moved in, we had to remove it for flooring purposes. I had heard so much about the swing out and extension tables but ours was mounted in place.

Were all the tables supposed to be swing out or was there a particular year this began? We live in the San Mateo any other SMH'ers have the swing out?

Also, we have our original sink which is going to be refinished soon. Does anyone know what the original faucet and such looked like from that time frame? I'm just curious about that.

We purchased an original oven from another poster here on the board but are in need of the cabinet. Does anyone have one available? We would also like one of the tall freestanding three shelf/6 slider sections of kitchen cabinetry for extra storage if there is one available. We aren't too concerned if there are 800 layers of paint on it as we are now near professionals at cleaning these cabinets up.

I am also interested in any FORMICA installer recommendations. I have one but really want to look around.

You can find my email in my profile. Sorry for the long post and thank in advance for any help!!