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termite fumigation vs. atrium plants

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Joined: May 4 2010

I'm in escrow on an Eichler with a central atrium that has a lot of plants and a Japanese maple. My realtor just informed me that "they" (the termite company, sellers, whomever) expect all plants left in the atrium to die.

Has anyone had experience with this? My wife and I are looking into finding a company to remove and replant the atrium -- the greenery is really attractive and would cost a lot to replace.

Also, what about the plants that surround the house? They're in danger as well, right?

Joined: Dec 5 2008

All of our plants survived (azelea, cactus, lemon tree, mystery tree, peace lily, Gladiola), though the lemon tree dropped its leaves. None of the plants adjacent to the house showed any signs of damage.

Fumigators cover their asses in a big way. That doesn't mean your plants are safe, though, since I'm just one data point.

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"the greenery is really attractive and would cost a lot to replace."

.. perhaps have the sellers pay to replace the plants. for instance if you had specified ___ work done per the contract and the ___ damaged the ___ in the process, you'd expect the tradesman or seller to repair the damage, no? (plumber/floors, electrician/walls)

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Well, what happened to the plants in the atruim? I have the same problem.

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Sorry, I didn't come back to post an update after the fumigation.

We had the landscaping company that we inherited remove and replant most of the plants in the atrium except for the two Japanese maples, which the termite company "double-bagged" for protection. The plants all came back fine and the two maples lost their leaves, but the landscaper say they should come back fine.

I think it cost us around $300 for them to remove and replace the plants in the atrium, which probably cover about 10-15% of the area in the atrium.

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