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Thermador Oven Owners Please Respond

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As Thermador's 50th birthday approaches, the Eichler Network newsletter will be running a story on their history with Eichler homes. I will be writing this story and would love to hear any thoughts/opinions/impressions from Eichler owners about their Thermadors.
Anybody have an original?
Anybody have a restored one?
Any cool upgrades?
Any competition?
Please feel free to chime in with whatever you want to say about the classic oven and range.
Thanks, Adam

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Previous owners of my Eichler had removed the original appliances so I went looking for vintage ones when I decided to restore my home. My home originally would have had a circa 1959-50 Thtermador single oven--the kind with large dials along the bottom and a little hood overhanging the windowless door.

The first vintage Thermador oven I aquired was a couple of years newer than the original and had the dials across the top, though it was still windowless. It had been meticulously maintained in terms of cleaning and looked mint. However, a problem surfaced in that the clock/timer had been disconnected. When I reconnected it I found out why--an annoying buzz that would have required removing the clock and sending it for a rebuild through a company in another state.

I later replaced that oven with a double oven that became available through another Eichler owner. This model had a window (hurray!) in the upper unit, though none below. While it had been maintained much more poorly than the previous (after 3 detailed cleanings, there's still grime I can't get at), having the two ovens outweighs the extra work. If I could only find a missing temperature probe for it, I'd be set.

For both oven models, I used the local authorized Thermador repair center for installation and adjustment. I got the same service person both times and he was very well versed with these older models. He even told me which parts were hardest to find so I could save those from the model I threw out. That's the downside with vintage appliances-- a lot of the parts are no longer made so you have to salvage from others castoffs .

Hope some of this has been useful to you.


eichfan at rawbw dot com

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During our home inspection 2 years ago, the inspector's jaw dropped to the floor when he saw the sweeping second hand of the original 1964 Thermador oven happily spinning around. And we have lived with our Thermador happily ever after!

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We just completed a renovation/relocation of our kitchen and have the original 59/60 oven sitting in our garage looking for a good home. Other than the light no longer lighting, it works well and looks better than most 45-year olds. You are welcome to use it for your story.
You may also want to contact Loni Nagwani who still uses hers (see HGTV spot on this homepage).

you shouldn't throw stones, either!

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We have an original from 1958 (OA16 I think) that we just able to rig with replacement springs. It works fine, although the surrounding cabinet sure gets hot to the touch.

We love the look, but are considering replacing it with something that cooks a little more evenly, is a little bigger and is a heck of a lot cooler and energy efficient.

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