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Thermador WO-16 + Warming Drawer For Sale

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Joined: Dec 6 2007

Thermador WO-16 Stainless Steel Wall Oven and Warming Drawer. Excellent condition. A 50s classic. Timer clock is missing plastic nob. Original operating instructions. No scratches. U pick up in San Carlos. $50

Joined: Jul 29 2008

I need a 1950s Thermador oven to replace or repair my pair of 1951 wall ovens. Do you still have this? Thanks.

Joined: Feb 18 2006

Hi Amy! I responded to your other post on this as well (at least, I think it was you) a couple weeks ago, but never got an answer back from you. I am still as interested as I was then :) Whether it's free or $50, I'm definitely interested. Please contact me offline-- duodecad at yahoo dot com-- so I can arrange to pick it up. Thanks!

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