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Joined: Mar 23 2008

I have an Eichler with a Takagi heating system. It still has the old set once house thermostat. Anybody know where I can get a newer style device that will allow for automatic settings?


Joined: Mar 16 2005

There is another posting which talks about the older 110v thermostats. I have a conventional 12v thermostat (you can tell by size of the connecting wires - thin for 12v heavier for 110v). My unit is the LUX 1500 which is widely available for about $35 at OSH and elsewhere.

I think whether one unit is better than another is temperature accuracy -- accurate to the 1-3 degree variation from the desired temperature to turn on the boiler. Programming features are merely a function of cost.

The LUX 1500 has 4 different temperature settings (different time) for M-W, and separate 4 periods for Sat and Sun; it as as programmable as I would like. I often use the thermostat as a clock in the hallway.

Joined: Jul 27 2008

I got a good programmable thermostat for my Eicher home in San Rafael at Orchard Supply Hardware and the salesman was very helpful.

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