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Joined: Aug 12 2004

I'm about to lose my free photo web site...they are going commercial and will bounce my account soon, unless I pay. I'll find another free site, but till then, no picture posting capabilities.

Wanted to post what I have for now and repost the new links when I get a new one.

Here's some pictures of tools that most home owners, DIYers and auto buffs can use.

My micro oiler. Gets into places not possible except for expensive syringe types. Actually works better, as holds more, costs less, longer tube so reaches where they can't and the did it myself satisfaction. $5 bucks for the bottle and use motor oil saved from dripping the last drop out of each quart bottle.

My tool shed's door. A place for often used and mostly buried stuff.

My drill/screw gun. Never can find the "other" screw bit, or the extension, or the socket set (Orchard has a socket set for $5.99 that also fits in this)

.....bought the socket set after taking this pic....PS...left my original screw gun out in front and someone walked off with it...this one is brand new from Orchard...last one and was display...they sold it for $25 bucks!!!!

I store all of my nails, screws, etc in empty milk jugs or any plastic jug. Cut out a hole large enough, but keep the handle. When they get cracked or worn out, there's always a new, empty milk jug the next day at my house.

I power, reverse flush all of my auto's and made up my own kit. Again, another use for empty plastic jugs. PVC pipe fittings and tubing. 1 inch and the cheapest (lowest pressure rating).

...recycling using empties

All of my extension cords have GFI modifications. So protected from shorts/water/etc plus extra sockets.