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Twisted garage-door beam

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Our double bypass garage doors no longer slide easily. While the quick fix is to ratchet the hangers up (they're nearly maxed out already), the real problem is that the weight of the garage doors has twisted the beam along its axis.

Does anyone have any experience fixing this? My first thought is to replace the beam with a steel member that can take the twisting force. Seems like, to do so, you'd need to take steel all the way to the ground as well. Another thought is to have some kind of steel / wood box beam or laminated beam made up.

Is there a way to undo the twisting in-place, without having to remove / replace the beam?

In advance, thanks!


Joined: March 21, 2003

Regarding your twisted beam , you will have to repalce it as there is no way to straighten it out. One idea for repalcement is a glue-lam beam. These are laminated beams glued under extreme pressure and therefore resist warping and have a better fire resistance than a wood beam. They can be ordered from any reputable lumber yard. It would be good idea to get a structural engineer to size the beam to carry the loads. The beam can be connected the same way your existing beam is attached.

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