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Using Sliding Gate Openers for automating garage doors

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Joined: Nov 13 2012

I am looking to automate the sliding garage doors and have seen all the various sideways mounting installations of opposed worm drive garage door openers with the track extensions to 8', etc.  However, what I was wondering was whether anyone has installed or investigated using two automated sliding gate openers instead.  Since they pull a chain attached to the (bottom) edge of a gate, I was thinking of mounting them upside down at the top of the doors above the facia piece (so they do not show from the street on the outside door).  I have only seen the RSL12V from Liftmaster at this time, and realize they are $1,000+ each, but looking to validate the idea more than the economics.  Thanks.

Joined: Apr 28 2007

Sorry can't answer regarding the gate openers. 

I did do the worm-drive install on one half of my Mom's bypass sliders.  The installation is pretty straightforward and the one difficult part is fabicating the bracket that attaches the carrier of the garage door opener to the door.

5 years later the solution is holding up.  The door is all original hardware and not super smooth, so I have to say I'm a bit surprised.  At one point the door hardware failed, and this was probably due to the extra stress of the opener.  A prybar was a quick fix (simply freeing up two binding components) and seems to be holding up OK.  Basic maintenance of lubricating the worm and the garage door itself have been the only effort required.

All in all, I'm not sure what beenfit the gate opener would provide, but I can't say I'm intimately familiar with them either.  I guess I'm surprised that there's no clear choice for this particular use case.

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