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Wall Hung Toilet Bowls

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Joined: Feb 20 2005

Does anybody have experience with installation of wall-hung toilet bowls during bathroom remodel.

Here's an example:

Mostly wondering how to leverage the existing vertical discharge (or not) and still get the space savings associated with those bowls.


Joined: Sep 13 2007

We want to install the wall hung Vero toilet from Duravit and were wondering the same thing.

The thing about the toilet above (looks commercial), is that I think you need to have a 2" pipe for flushing, unless it isn't commercial and accepts an in-wall cistern pipe. The Duravit toilets utilize an in-wall cistern.

Joined: Apr 20 2006

This type of toilet is not practical for your Eichler, since the 4” drain is inside the wall. Support is from a sturdy bracket that also hides inside the wall. The style we used when updating our locker room last year has a water tank and also has a 10’ long threaded brace that is secured into the floor on the other side of the wall. For a remodel, changing the drain location would make this type of toilet a lot of work and expense. On the other hand; Adding a toilet to the outside wall would not require jack-hammering the slab. The vent (air) could go to the roof inside the wall. There would be very little plumbing showing very low and very close to the wall outside the house. If your Eichler sewer lines were in the right place, this could save a lot on an additional bathroom over existing slab.

Joined: Jan 16 2004

Looks like as Randy said "a locker room" and Not a Home.
Certainly not a 50's Home.
The Duravit stuff in the second post while cool has no place
in an Eichler.

Joined: Apr 20 2006

Obviously, I am no authority....but the items in the photo MUST be modern. My guess is that the box with the lid might be the toilet. The box with the faucet is installed low enough to be a 'paw washer' for a cat.

correction on previous post...

"...and also has a 10’ long threaded brace that is secured into the floor on the other side of the wall."

This should say 10" not ten feet. The brace is ten inches long, but only extends 4" past the 8" thick wall.

Hats off to anyone that can improve the appearance of a toilet...modern or otherwise

Joined: Mar 16 2005

I was told by a contractor the wall needed to be a 1" thicker than a "normal" wall for the Duravit Starck series; for me, bringing the wall out killed the idea. I was generally not comfortable with the unit supporting a 200lb human causing fatigue to the wood infrastructure. In addition, with the water tank in the wall, I expected a simple repair or gasket replacement to be a major project. Also, I anticipated that such an installation would be the first for many contractors and I didn't want to be a alpha or beta tester for their training (or lack of experience).

The next alternative was the Kohler "hat box" toilet; smallet footprint and most expensive ($5K) toilet I've come across. The latter (price) quickly killed the idea and we went with a Toto.

Joined: Mar 22 2003

I beg to differ with gturetzky re the appropriateness of Duravit products in Eichlers. They are fantastic from and aesthetic perspective. Just take a look at some of their many ads in Dwell mag. Yeh, I know. They are professionally done and staged by the top designers, not average Joe Homeowner, but they are lovely, as are many of the other products coming out of Spain and Italy these days. Though I too, would prefer the look of wall-mount fixtures, we are not willing to take that risk, though we might be willing for a vanity or storage cab. Certainly not something so heavy and plumbed into the wall.

No, I'm not an expert. Just lived in the Bay Area all my life; parents knew Joe Eichler pretty well and bought our first new home from him in Sunnyvale in 1949. It's on Dawn Drive and is still there.

Hubby and I are now in a Willow Glen Eichler. The industrial/European look of Duravit works well, if that's the look you are after. And there is nothing that I can see that could possibly contradict that MCM style in the duravit pieces shown. It's harder than heck to find MCM sinks, vanities, and fixtures around here, so I am venting a little as we attempt to find something we can "live with" for the remodel of our master bath. I do not and will not tolerate having to order something from across the pond and wait months for it to arrive. Forget about it.


Joined: Jan 16 2004

Nowhere did I say anything about not loving the brand or their designs.
Just not THAT Design.

Think their products are Fantastic for Eichlers and we are looking into
a Toilet ourselves but will install something that works for our Rancho San Miguel Eichler and not a Contemporary Modern.

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