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Wanted 10" Eichler globe lights

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Joined: Jul 12 2004

We had two casualities of our remodel. One by me; one by our contractor. Our lights had the curvy top if that helps describe them. Otherwise they are white and round. Feel free to contact me by phone or email. My # is four - 0 - eight; two five three; 7-8-O-4.


Joined: Jun 3 2010

You can try Love-It Lighting for replacements that look very similar (in case you can't find original ones).

Please see: (it comes in a variety of colors).

Good luck!

Joined: Jul 12 2004

THanks so much for the above reply. Unfortunately I didn't see it and my husband is going with a look a like new fixture from Seagull Lighting. But I will keep your response in mind for the next "accident".

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