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WANTED in BAY AREA: 2-door garage set (doors + hardware) WILL PAY

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Joined: May 5 2009

Looking to get the barn doors back in and will pay for them.  If the panels are worn out, dry-rotted, or replaced, that is fine.  I need the hardware (in working condition) and frames the most.

I believe that the side-by-side garage/barn doors in 1955-1962 Eichler track homes are interchangeable.  I have an E-11 (4 BR/2BA Atrium, flat roof, exposed front beams) model.

I would like to try to keep the offer within 75 miles of San Rafael, CA.  A trip to Southern California could be doable with a bit of advance notice.  Thanks!

Joined: Apr 19 2007

not all garages are the same size. you might think to simply re-create them -- they're not that complex (2X4s and siding -- both of which you can buy new) and the hardware is still available (they even sell on amazon: search "national mfg.").

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What redneckmodern said.  I had my doors rebuilt and sourced new hangers.

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I would'nt use the old hardware any way. I agree with the above posters. Just build new doors and get new hardware.  I would go one step further and take down the rails , clean them and make sure they are in good condition and hang them back perfectly level.


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