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WANTED - Original Closet Doors/Kitchen Drawers/Garage Doors

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Joined: May 5 2009

If anybody's going to toss these things, please contact me. I am looking to restore parts of the house, which earlier owners tossed or replaced with something hideous. I would like parts that are not in too rough a shape. If painted, that's not a problem.

The one set of closet doors are "shoji" style - dark wood frame with lauzan backing. The kitchen drawers would be the brown with a white spray. Color is not an issue with the garage doors, but I am looking for those not too badly scuffed/scratched and modern locks are fine.

I also need the pantry. My original layouts for an E-11 show something that is identified in the bedrooms as a closet in the kitchen. There is the remanant outline of something that was on the wall.

I'm in Lower Lucas Valley, but will travel within the Bay Area to pick these things up. Thanks in advance!

jamescolloquan at

Joined: Mar 2 2009

I think I might have something you are looking for. We replaced two closet doors with some that were slightly better from our neighbor. They have the dark frames with grass cloth inserts. If you are interested, email me at We live in Castro Valley.

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