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Water Heaters - standard and radiant - 2022

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Joined: November 10, 2012

I'd like to upgrade my water heaters to electric and get off of natural gas completely, and take advantage of the 2022 tax credit. I am in Walnut Creek. 


I have questions about water heaters. 


I currently have two water heaters in my utility space: 

1)  a recent standard gas water heater for the house, and 

2) 25 year old Teledyne gas water heater for the radiant heat, it doesn't appear to have a boiler, but neither is it very efficient based on our gas usage when we run the radiant heat. 


To replace the standard water heater, the new Rheem ProTerra Hybrid Electric Water Heater  - by hybrid, it's a heat pump down to 37 degrees, then standard electric heater below that. Runs off of 120V. Do you have any knowledge or experience with these or a similar unit? Is there something else you'd suggest? 


For the radiant heat, what is the latest recommendation for performance and efficiency? Have you used someone you're happy with to install something for your radiant heat recently? 


Thanks in advance. 

Joined: November 10, 2012

By the way, if I missed a recent coversation on this, please let me know. A quick search showed nothing recent on radiant water heaters and I know things change. 

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