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Waterproofing issue

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We have a Claude Oakland LA-375 floor plan. We bought our home from an original owner who previously to moving south owned an Eichler in Palo Alto. Our original owner commissioned an addition from Eichler that was built at the same time as the original home and in keeping with the style. It comprises of an additional wing that extends from the living/dining via a ramp - it has a living room with fireplace, a kitchenette and bed/bathroom with walk-in closet. Cool indeed but I have a feeling I will be driving you all crazy with my questions. After all, bigger house = more issues.

We have an issue with water coming in through the front concrete block monolith into the house. The block structure comes into the 2 back bedroom closets. Our block is completely exposed (I have seen other homes where the closets are finished with dry wall) and I will like to keep it that way. Some blocks are cracked and there is efflorescence. We want to seal and waterproof the whole structure inside and out. Has anyone done this without changing the color of the block?

I am being offered a product called 6001 something or other which is a waterproofing membrane and a sealant base coat which comes in either tan or gray. Also there is a product called Defy masonry crack and joint sealant and their own water repellent. Has anyone out there done this or used any of the products?

Thanks in advance.