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What color orange to paint the front door?

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I am going for the traditional Eichler front door look. Does anyone know the "correct" color of orange by manufacturer name. I was told that Benjamin Moore's "Sedona Clay" was a possibility but it doesn't look right to me. Anyone know? Thanks in advance.

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Since no one else has responded, I hope you won't mind if I jump in with an observation.

I believe there were at least a couple of "oranges" used in Eichler's original color palettes. For instance, my home's original colors included a charcoal body, light-grey washed ceilings, off-white beams, and an "orange" front door.

The first time through trying to recreate the original color palette, I mistakenly used a color sworn by a neighbor to be the closest match possible to Eichler's "orange". In fact, the orange the neighbor pointed me to (I think it was Benjamin Moore's "Outrageous Orange") was actually for homes with the dark brown siding. What I needed for my charcoal palette was closer to a coral.

Can you tell me what the body color of your home is? If you are not sure if the exterior was originally brown or charcoal, the exteriors generally lined up with the home's interior accents (kitchen cabinets, flooring, etc.)--do you know if those were brown-toned or grey-toned?


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California Paints in Sunnyvale (on the El Camino Real) has a box full of original Eichler colors that date back several decades. We painted our front door with the orange from that box - unfortunately the name and the brand escapes me. You might stop by or try calling them. Good luck.

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Thanks, I ended up going to Kelly Moore and using a standard bright orange and boy does it look great. I was worried that ir would be too bright, and my wife thought I was crazy, but everyone agrees the bright orange door looks really mid-century modern and cool. Also, just as an FYI, Kelly Moore paint is so superior to big box store paint it's ridiculous. It goes on smoothly without drips and with good coverage. Painting a door with a brush is difficult but it is the only way to get a professional looking appearance. I wasted time and money using crappy Home Despot Ralph Lauren paint -- never again.

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i know this post is old...but exactly what color from which brand did you decide upon?

anyone else?

this is on a white house BTW

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