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Where does the lint go?

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Joined: Aug 7 2003

Our dryer vent is located in the floor and doesn't appear to emerge anywhere on the outside of the house. My wife is concerned about sending all that hot air down into the foundation and doesn't want to use the dryer. Does anyone know how/where the vent exhausts?

-Standing By in San Rafael

Joined: Apr 5 2003

In our 1960 vintage atrium model, the dryer vent opening is located low on the wall behind the dryer, and leads to a rectangular metal duct that goes straight to the roof. Check your roof for an odd vent above the dryer.


Joined: Mar 20 2003

My San Rafael house vents to the roof. You need to be careful that the vent line is clean. I had the chimney cleaning company clean the vent last fall and will continue to do that every year. That 90 degree turn in the vent path combined with the travel to the roof means you need a clean vent duct. More efficient and much safer.


Joined: Aug 7 2003

I'll take a look when I get home. Thanks for your help.

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