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Can anyone suggest a window covering for the large windows in the livingroom? We get the afternoon sun and in the summer the room gets very warm and bright. We had window tinting installed, but that doesn't cut out enough of the brightness and heat.

Joined: Apr 2 2003

Is the window flat topped or angled? (Flat topped windows provide a lot of options, angled windows fewer.)

Also, is your decorating style vintage or modern?

- If modern, IKEA has several drapery hanging systems from which to choose. I have one from them that is a cable with clips from which I hang light curtains in the summer to cut the solar heat gain.

- If heat loss (as well as heat gain), is an issue you might want to consider honeycomb blinds such as Hunter-Douglas and others make. I have insulated double pane windows so its not as much of an issue. But if you have the original single pane, blinds or curtains that insulate might be an idea worth considering. Blinds do tend to be pricey, though--especially the angled ones.


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I had solar roller shades made for our windows that get direct sun. They are great. We didn't need privacy shades, just something to keep out the sun. The are clean, simple and really keep with the architectural asthetic of the home. They filter in the light so the room doesn't get too dark. We have floor to ceiling windows in our master bedroom and that is where we initially put them. Now I'm going to have them made for the living room as well since that faces the same direction.

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