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Wood Shingle Siding - original to an Eichler?

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I have an Anshen+Allen SM-101 atrium model and it has wood shingle siding on the ENTIRE front elevation (except for the garage doors, which is typical Eichler siding). The property fence is also wood shingle siding. The other 3 elevations on the house have Eichler siding.

At first I thought a previous owner applied this, but then I noticed that my neighbors also have wood shingle siding on their front elevation, but ONLY at the two front bedrooms (not on the entire front elevation).

Does anyone know or have any thoughts on whether the wood shingles on the entire front elevation might be original?? I've never seen an Eichler with shingle siding on the entire front elevation and was thinking of replacing it with Eichler siding.

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I have a model 101 in Castro Valley, and there are quite a few of them here. Mine has the shingles only between the two narrow windows of the front bedrooms, and so do the other houses around here. I think this is the original configuration.

Thanks, John

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We live in the Fairhaven tract in Orange and there are quite a few houses with shingles. It appears to be the same model with the shingles. I've been pondering this question since you first posted as I walk the dogs.

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There are a couple of homes in RSM - Walnut Creek with Shingles that were done in the 80's and were an easy and inexpensive fix. Think that one owner saw the other and followed suit.
IMHO you should go with the Eichler siding.


Thank you for the feedback.

It sounds like wood shingles were quite common. Shingles are never shown in any publications and they seem contrary to the modern aesthetic.

I think we are going to keep the shingles between the two narrow windows at the front bedrooms like how John T. describes, but replace the rest of the siding with Eichler siding. We have some termite damage and some of the siding needs to be replaced anyway.

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