On the Homefront

Breaking stories on home improvement and real estate tied to our communities

Ground Floor of Authenticity
How investigating Eichler roots led couple to VCT and cork tile as their flooring picks
Complain 'bout the Neighbors
Some Eichler owners take neighborhood issues to the Internet—but does it help?
Reroofing's Multiple Choices
Favor energy-efficient cool-roof systems, stylistic consistency and a quality installer
Had Your 'Radiant' Checkup?
Keeping alive in-floor heat takes an 'ounce of prevention'—plus the occasional repair
It's Paint and Caulk—or Else!
You don't have to be a contractor or painter to protect your home's beams from disaster
Is Painting Paneling a Crime?
No shortage of emotion surrounds the do's and don'ts of treating Eichler interior walls
Don't Rush to Remodel
Experts agree: grow into your new Eichler space—and let time bring timeless results
Evolving State of Solar Today
With some incentives gone, owners must weigh long-term benefits (and nix leasing?)
Too Much Clutter at Home?
That’s the question explored for ways to 'clean up your act' in the new CA-Modern
Strange Home, Strange Land
One of East Coast’s three bonafide Eichlers hits the market—but still befuddles buyers
When Refrigerators Go Retro
From hot pink to orange—trio of companies bring back stylish mid-century appliances
Is Elrod House Sale for Real?
One of several multi-million-dollar Lautners on the market actually has a buyer in hand
'Cool' Golf Course Setting
Roger Lee’s very original Wilkinson House of Orinda hits the market for first time ever
Modern Goes Mobile
Two architecture aficionados remodel their trailer homes with mid-century modern zing
Homes of 'True Believers'
Dedicated modernists open their doors for June 18 'Sacramento Modern' house tour
California, Here They Come
Producer of zero-net energy, steel-framed homes expands to Bay Area from Canada
Lost Eichler's Grand Rebirth
San Mateo Highlands Eichler razed by fire replaced with handsome modernist home
New Homes' Modern Touch
Bay Area-based BluHomes' expanding line of pre-fab shows off roots in MCM design
Spared from Wrecking Ball
Neutra, Schindler houses find new life via restoration—and L.A. Conservancy awards
Rare 'Roger Lee' Hits Market
Architect Lee's award-winning two-story home in Kensington slated for open house