On the Homefront

Breaking stories on home improvement and real estate tied to our communities

Rarest Fix-It Man of Them All
In-demand sliding-glass door repair outfit encourages owners to "save your sliders"
Hill's Dream House on Market
Woodsy Carmel house was home to master from the 'Second Bay Tradition' Henry Hill
Pool House Speaks 'Eichler'
Retired Stanford professors add modernist therapeutic facility to their Eichler backyard
House of Questions
"When is the 'sales bubble' tied to Eichler real estate in Silicon Valley going to burst?"
Icon Fit for a King—and You?
Palm Springs’ 'Elvis Hideaway' is for sale— its design flashier than its dramatic history
Unique Listing—with History
Only built Neutra design from the Case Study program part of $18mil compound
Stunning Secluded Treasure
Buyers circling for Donald Olsen’s Ruth House—with its amazing Berkeley setting
Pick a Lautner…Any Lautner
Why are prices cut on several of the modern master’s home designs now on the market?
Perched on Top of a Volcano
Beautiful, unusual saucer-shaped dome home in Mojave Desert awaits new owner
Yabba Dabba Domes
Eye-popping Flintstone House up for sale—'Stone-Age modern' icon along 280 freeway
Decorating Mistakes to Avoid
For best results, designers say make a real plan—don't just parrot magazine spreads
Rhythmic House with History
Rare NorCal Craig Ellwood design—his Daphne House is for sale in Hillsborough
Rising from the Ashes
East Bay home by architect Henry Hill lost to fire reborn thru thoughtful re-visioning
For Sale: Beautiful Enigma
NorCal's only Case Study House—Beverley Thorne's steel gem hits the market in Marin
House of Questions
"What are the best steps of reinforcement to protect MCM homes from earthquakes?"
South Bay Eichler Home Tour
Contractor and realtor stage open house of four remodeled Sunnyvale Eichlers Aug. 15
Blog in the Saddle Again
Marin couple's down-home blog primed for comeback after two-year parenthood hiatus
Get Energized for Efficiency
Energy Upgrade California offering rebates up to $6,500 for boosting energy efficiency
Rise of the Aluminum Slider
New CA-Modern story traces how WW II technology transformed the sliding door
Batten Down the Hatches!
With El Niño rains waiting in the wings, the time is now to tackle your outdoor projects