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With residential break-ins on the rise, here are today’s most effective ways to keep burglars away from your door
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Lorex's baby-monitoring camera

Video system costs fall
The cost of video-surveillance systems has come down considerably. An eight-camera set at Costco, for example, currently sells for $500, and the same kit was priced as $1,500 just five years ago.

Do-it-yourself wireless camera systems, which you can get at stores like Best Buy or Costco, range between $300 and $400, while DIY wired systems range between $500 and $1,000. High-definition camera systems start around $1,000. If you’re doing a remodel and running a wired video-security system, you will have to think ahead and select the type of cable that will work with your preferred camera system.

Lorex has made Wi-Fi camera systems much easier to install, thanks to its new ‘Stratus Connectivity’ solution. After the camera is installed, you then download an app on your smart phone and scan a QR code, and the app will do the rest of the set up for you automatically. “It takes less than two minutes to set up,” Epstein said.

Another low-cost DIY solution is Lorex’s baby-monitoring camera (starting at $100). Place the device on a shelf or table, and it will help you monitor—babysitters, housekeepers, and repairmen in your home—through your smart phone.


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