MCM-friendly Houseplants

Ten ideal indoor plant selections—living art for mid-century moderns
Among the plants that seamlessly blend with the mid-century modern interior: a Fiddle leaf fig in vintage yellow ceramic pot (left) and a Ficus elastica decora in a white Architectural Pottery pot (right center).

If you've ever browsed through vintage Sunset magazine garden books or admired a period-perfect home, chances are you've come across distinctive indoor houseplants that capture an authentic look, giving a room that 'just right' appearance.

Perhaps you've admired the sculptural patterns of an elegant Monstera deliciosa in a classic planter from Architectural Pottery, or a majestic fiddle-leaf fig reaching up towards a skylight in a scene from 'Mad Men.'

These are just two of the many plants that can seamlessly blend with and effectively accent the mid-century modern interior.

"One of my favorite mid-century modern friendly plants of all time," says Bay Area landscape architect JC Miller of Vallier Design Associates, "is the Swiss cheese plant or Monstera. I have a gigantic one on my patio that I've divided and grown. It now has trunks on it that are a couple of inches in diameter—and it's incredible!"

Perhaps more of the incredible variety lies below in the ten inspirational plant selections ideal for the MCM home.