Spring Cleaning Super Tips

Silk microfibers, kitchen cream, even robots can help a modern home get clean as can be
Super Clean

Are your mahogany panels a bit blah? Do you hesitate to look into your oven? When you look out your windows, can you actually see the outdoors?

Yes, it’s time for spring cleaning—but it should be easier this year thanks to the latest developments in clean tech, plus some longstanding classic products.

Hate doing windows? Then consider the Winbot 7. Its makers claim the mini-robot attaches to your oversized windows with a vacuum and then zigzags about toting a sponge.

Also high tech, but simpler and a good deal less expensive, are Toddy Smart Cloths with silk microfibers to clean your electronic goodies.

Among the classic products for your consideration are Parker & Bailey Kitchen Cabinet Cream, with its roots in 19th century Maine, great for removing stains. And of course, there’s always vinegar, ideal for freshening up your washing machine.

For 12 helpful hints to give your modern home a super spring cleaning, here’s a sneak preview of the upcoming spring ’13 issue of CA-Modern magazine—‘Clean as Can Be.’

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