Clean As Can Be

12 helpful hints to turn your home's spring-cleaning into a thorough, easy project
Spring Cleaning

When you live in a mid-century modern home, there's a fine line between cleaning and restoration. Sure, you have the daily tidying-up and wiping down, the weekly vacuuming and mopping, and the monthly stabs at home organization.

If that's all you can muster, stop reading. But if you have some larger ambitions now that spring is here—like glistening windows, lustrous woodwork, and a shower that looks brand new—we have some tips and tricks for you.

Spring Cleaning

1. Windows
Retro housewives may say they don't do windows, but now they can without exerting any effort; the Winbot 7 does it for you. This window-cleaning robot has a vacuum pump that seals it to panes of glass, and then cleans it with a moist pad. The robot first measures the window to determine the best path, and then scuttles about in a zigzag motion to clean it. A built-in squeegee and drying pad takes care of the rest. It'll be available this spring at online retailers for $299 to $399.

Spring Cleaning

2. Tubs & showers
Nothing makes you feel more like a dirty bird than stepping into a shower or tub that's heavily stained. If your regular household cleaners aren't cutting it, try the commercial-strength ROG 3 bathtub cleaner. This acid-free and non-abrasive formula removes soap scum and stains on tired bathroom fixtures. You can also dilute it to use as an all-purpose cleaner. $39.95.

Spring Cleaning

3. Mahogany paneling
Has your honey-colored mahogany paneling lost its luster? Revive it with the Touch of Oranges kit. The three-piece set comes with a natural cleaner that removes dirt and grime without stripping the finish or color from the wood. The Restore-A-Finish stain revives tired finishes, and the Bees Wax conditioner moisturizes the wood and should be reapplied every two years. $62.

Spring Cleaning

4. Wood cabinetry
Grease and smoke can do a number on wood kitchen cabinetry. Give yours a thorough cleanup with Parker & Bailey Kitchen Cabinet Cream. The non-toxic formula gently removes daily cooking oils, residue, and fingerprints that are created while you're whipping up masterpieces in the kitchen. It doesn't contain any waxes, silicones, or harmful solvents, so your cabinets will keep looking new. $5.99.

Spring Cleaning

5. Laminate countertops
Although there's no going back once you've chopped or scratched your laminate countertops, the experts at Formica say you can use a bit of polish to disguise the flaws. They recommend Hope's Perfect Counter Polish, Quick Shine Plus, Countertop Magic, Pledge, Plexxus, or good, old-fashioned lemon oil. Starting at $5 at home improvement retailers.

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