CA Home + Design Has Stopped Doing What it Does


I was sad to read about the apparent demise, or at least long-term hibernation, of California Home + Design, which ceased operations and laid off its staff rather suddenly last week.

Curbed ran a small item last week noting the magazine's stoppage and citing editor-in-chief Erin Feher, who said the owners had "set out to sell the title a few months back. Apparently they are still in negotiations with potential buyers, but regardless have decided to cease publication indefinitely and lay off all staff."

The parent company, McEvoy Group, simply couldn't make the business work, COO Tom Fernald told the Architect's Newspaper. "The staff was great, and they had a great following. It was just a struggle to make the publication successful as a standalone."

The company could still find a buyer for CHD, which would hopefully see it restart. But for now, as Feher pointed out to Architects, California has one fewer design publication to act as a venue for our local talent.