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(1) Moving Washer/Dryer into Garage, (2) Laminate Floors

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Hi -

(1) Has anyone successfully moved their Washer/Dryer into the garage? My understanding is that there is no drain line in the garage - installation of one is compounded by the slab foundation (it can be done, but will cost lots of $$$ - not to mention the destruction of the driveway and front yard). I would be interested to hear of alternatives or any real-world solutions that have been implemented.

(2) Can anyone recommend a laminate floor dealer/installer that services the East Bay?

Post a reply here or email me directly. Thanks,


Joined: Mar 20 2003

We had ours moved into the garage as follows:

The main sewer line happened to be located in the side yard on the far side of the garage. We had a drain installed on the rear wall of the garage (in plain sight - we put some storage racks in front of it so it is not quite so visible). The drain goes for about 20 feet along the rear of the garage and then through the outside wall just above the slab. Outside it disappears into the ground to join the main sewer.
This way we avoided all (potentially costly and troublesome) slab work.
It does not look too bad from the outside (see photo) and it is located close to the gas meter anyway.

The whole job, including hot and cold water line, and relocating the gas line for the dryer, was $1200

Hope that helps


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