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Where are these homes located? If you take a few addresses down
to the local Planning Department and ask to look at the fiches
(microfilm)for the street you will probably be able to find
out the architect on the original permit documents. Some
do not have the info so it is important to bring a
few addresses to choose from just in case.

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These homes are located in NW Fresno. They are part of at tract, but I
wasn't able to find any information about the builder in the
Fresno planning department.

I just bought the white home in the pictures (with the detached carport),
so I'm trying to find out more information on it to make sure that I restore it the way it should be restored.

415-Eichler, you suggestion is great. I'll head out again to the
city planning office with more than my address; I'll take several..
hopefully one of them will have some information on the builder.

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Good idea. Maybe if you took some adresses from other streets in the
neighborhood as well you might have more luck. I have found in my
searches only 1/4 of the homes have the original plans or architect info on
the original permit. I do this all of the time out here in Marin in my search
for all MCM homes out here. Don't give up or it will always nag you! You also
might want to ask an elderly neighbor because they usually know if they
were the original owner. That is how I found A&A homes out here, and then
I went to the building department for verification.

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:shock: :shock: :shock:

I think I found the architect/builder of my tract! :) I was told by the owner of a home with traits very similar to mine (structural details such as the redwood heart panneling, etc.) that these homes were built in the late 50s by Fresno architect Robert W. Stevens (commonly known as Bob Stevens).

I was also told that prior to his death to prevent stolen designs, he had all the plans for his homes destroyed; that might explain why no original plans can be found for these places.

I still need to perform further research on this architect to confirm this account, but it seems to me that I'm headed in the right direction.

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What does' MCM mean? Also A&A?

Thank you so much

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MCM = Mid-Century Modern

These are really good ideas, I bought a MCM ranch in Morgan Hill a few months ago and would love to know more about it.  It's part of a cute development next to the City Hall and many of the houses still have the original details such as car ports, garage door trim, angled posts on the porch etc.  Unfortunately, my house had some dire renovations when flippers got hold of it in the early 90's - brass, glass and golden oak everywhere!  We've been busy fixing infrastructure issues but we would love to bring it back to it's former glory.  Hopefully we can find the plans and maybe some photos.

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