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Any Lucas Valley/Marinwood Eichler Owners/Singles/Parents

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Joined: Feb 18 2004

Greetings all. I bought my parents' eichler in the Marinwood/Lucas Valley area (the Berries) after they passed away in '95 and '96. The house was paid for years ago (my father got it on a GI loan way back in the late 50's), but I needed to pay my sister for her half. I moved in with my son when he was six months old and was newly divorced. I wondered how many of you are single parents doing the same? I grew up here since I was 10 months old and never expected to be back in my childhood home. I really cherish it and love the nostalgia that this Eichler Newsletter offers -- somehow very comforting to me and gives me a lot of incentive to hold on to this house when at times it seems impossible to do on my own. Please write if you're in a simliar boat -- maybe we can form an Eichler Chat Group at my home or out and about. This invitation really extends to those wanting to build more community -- how wonderful that would be! I can be reached directly at I have a wonderful 7-year-old boy, Sam. -- Karen

In peace,

Karen Heller Cutler