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Atrium sun shade? Any suggestions?

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Joined: Jul 27 2009

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this board and actually new to my Eichler. We just moved into an Anshen and Allen designed model in Southern California and the summer heat is here. While looking for a home we saw many other models that had temporary sun shades, covers, or blinds that could be extended over the atrium. Can any of you help me find out where I can purchase something like this? Even DIY ideas and directions are great as well.

Specifically I am looking for a temporary cover, and not a permanent solution as it is primary for sun shading and not to protect from weather as its usually pretty sunny here in So Cal.

Product recommendations can be sent directly to: bwyser AT; or post inside the Rec Room department of this forum.

Thank you all so much in advance for any help you can provide. We're loving our new home.

- bri

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Hi Congrats on your new home. Welcome to the cult! Just kidding. Anywho, first you might want to search atrium covers in the topic search bar. I'm not a realtor, so my exposure to atrium covers is limited, but it seems there are all sort of ideas out there from bamboo fencing sort of draped across the opening and secured with hooks and eyes, to those stretchy Sun Shades you can buy in various colors (the silver is cool given all the aluminum most of our houses have) and shapes and secure, again, with hooks at the corners. One of our neighbors invested in a pretty fancy sliding fiberglass roof thing, which is permanent and leaks every winter, but their roofer is cool about repairing it for free every year so everyone is happy (well, maybe not the roofer). Have fun with your Eichler! Wife o'Prefab

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you might look into a sail shade. prices range, but IKEA sells one for about $25. a great choice for a mid-century home.

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Tough solution.

Our neighbor did a sail cloth solution but it took only one windy day to tear it apart.

We're remodeling our roof and I asked our architect for suggestions. I was even open to a mechanical option w/ sliding panels. It's not worth it for the amount of cost and structural work needed to support it. The sail cloth may work but you need a complex way (at least w/ our pitched roof we do) to retract it. We still don't have a solution after 2 years in the house.

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These look promising--planning on getting a quote soon:

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