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bathroom: doors to the outside?

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I need to re-do our bathroom, and I love the oddity that there is a door from inside to the yard. I expect it made the bathroom something of a mudroom, so kids could come in that way, remove wet/muddy clothes, and throw them right into the laundry which is right next to the bathroom. The door no longer meets code (it's just a hollow-core door) so if we replace it, it will need to be heavier/more secure/fire proof. Do all Eichlers have exit doors from the bathrooms? We did have someone lock herself out already when she ducked out for a smoke and we had to break into the bathroom when she showed up at the front door with the interior bathroom door still locked.
friends have asked why we don't simply sheetrock the wall and lose the door.
thanks for the info,

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Sheetrock the door!!! Oh my.... Did he also suggest stuccoing the outside? I, along with most would suggest against sheetrocking the door. Updating your Eichler while keeping it as close to original is tough.
But the house will thank you for it later.
There's a new homeowner up the street from me that is renovating his Eichler including kitchen and doesn't even know how to pronounce Eichler correctly (Eek-ler). He's sheetrocking his living room grooved wall so I took all the panels. He was also thinking about doing stucco on the outside. I convinced him not to do it and explained to him how important is was to keep these houses as close to original as possible.
Plus I'd hate to see a stucco Eichler across the street from me.

Castro Valley

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hi, i love the door, but my question is: are they common in eichlers or was this some kind of change the previous DIYers did...

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Seems unusual but these doors are common.

We ended up pouring a concrete slab just outside the bathroom door, reframed/replaced the door and then added a Finlandia sauna. It's great because the sauna - which has a glass door entry - looks like an integrated component of our bathroom. We also utilized Eichler siding on the outside of the sauna so that it blends well with the rest of our home.

While we have one less door to the outside, we feel pretty confident that the other 8 doors are more than enough to provide us with a convenient means of exit!

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