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Does anyone know of a replacement bathroom fan I could use? I am re-doing the bathrooms and it seems that all of the ones I have found are made to be installed in a "regular" celing. Since my celing is the roof deck, are there any fans availble that can be installed on the roof?

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your best (and easiest) bet is to NOT go thru the roof and instead go thru the wall. Panasonic makes a great unit called the Panasonic Whisper Wall which works great for Eichler homes.

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2 years ago I installed a wall exhaust fan in my second bathroom, a Panasonic model that works great and is quiet. Far less trouble than going through the roof. However, not all Eichler bathrooms necessarily allow for a wall fan. In my master bathroom I just installed a ceiling fan as part of my major interior remodel. This means a box that sticks up above the roof has to be built up for the fan. There is significant cost to do this right.

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Hi. I have the same problem. Installing in the wall makes sense, but here is my question. I have a beam running the length of my wall to support the roof, so I'd either have to put the fan through the beam, which sounds like it is a bad idea, or put it below the beam, which is pretty low and seems to defeat the purpose of capturing the heat and moisture that rises to the ceiling. Please advise!


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We have an old Nutone fan through the wall just below the beam in one bathroom and an old Nutone through the ceiling in the other bathroom. I've also just purchased a modern version of the bathroom Nutones to put in the kitchen ceiling. We already have a hole in the ceiling that precisely matches the size and shape of the new Nutone 8210. I'm thinking about stealing the chrome cover out of one of the bathrooms and putting it in the kitchen since the new fan comes with a white plastic cover. I wouldn't be surprised if the bathroom fans were original to the house in 1964. Both of the ceiling fans have a standard metal vent cover on the roof.

I also bought the optional grease filter for the kitchen fan. When we remodeled the kitchen I put in a pop-up downdraft fan and although it's better than nothing (i.e. what was there before), there are times when I would like a little more kitchen ventilation and, frankly, when the fluorescent light boxes come down in the kitchen, I've got to fill up that hole somehow.

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Installing an exhaust fan on an existing roof is neither difficult nor risky.

Our website has printable detail on the drawing for BATHROOM FAN and ELECTRICAL CONDUIT. Drawing are turned sideways to encourage you to print and use them for reference.

Hire someone that is willing to read and follow the instructions.

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those nutone 8210 fans come in both white or in brushed/stainless
when you're at the big-box store, look closely through the stack of boxes and you'll see that for the same model number some boxes have a 'white' fan in it and others have a 'stainless' fan - but you have to look closely
don't know that you can order the covers separately

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I suggest you take a powerful exhaust fan. Of course, more power equals more money, so you will take your budget into account here. But do not go under 50 CFM in any case. These products are made for areas that already have an exhaust fan and are there just for the show since they can't do any serious work...

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The comfort and beauty it provides are one of the factors that make fans worth to acquire as an investment. So always try to get a high quality fan for your bathroom.




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