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best flat roof?

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I need advice!! I have a rubber membrane flat roof that has had three leaks in three years. I am currently in the process of deciding what kind of roof to replace it with. I live in Nashville. I have about 2700' of roof. What is the most durable flat roof? How much should I be paying for a new roof? I have had estimates from 20,000-30,000! What tips can you give me? Help! Every roofer seems to be telling me something different....

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tar and gravel is the only way to got it has been around for a long time and is here to stay.

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Tar & Gravel's life expectency leaves a lot to be desired, especially in climates that vary from extreme cold to extreme heat. It's why flat roofs have a bad reputation in the Midwest.

Read the roofing article on the home page. Unfortunately, the membrane is probably your best bet as foam typically can only be applied in very dry climates. Check the warranty on your roof. I bet it was installed wrong.

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